In Search of Proper Boundaries

Acts 17:26-27 And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, 27 so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; NKJV
It is evident by Scripture that God ordained the nations and boundaries for the peoples of the earth. It was His idea! Men have the arrogance to believe that people groups are of human invention and, on one hand, the anthropologist curses the western peoples and their desire to preserve social norms and cultural identity while subsequently decrying the need to preserve tribal integrity and customs. Although the need to preserve the culture of a group of primitives living in isolation in, let’s say, an Amazon rainforest, is top priority to them, western culture, on the other hand, is a scourge and needs to be eliminated. The evil is that modern men seem to place boundaries where they are least needed while pulling down those that are absolutely imperative.
One of the most ironic such subjects is marriage. Modern Americans uphold the sanctity of marriage for same-sex couples in such a way as they march in mass, lobby and make all kinds of noise in support of it while, simultaneously, spurning the institution of marriage, demeaning it, and ultimately rejecting it as a necessity in the lives of heterosexual unions! Walls are built around lifestyles that are unnatural, unholy, and without benefit to society as a whole, while they are being pulled down on the institution of the family – for which there is no lack of value and without which, the nation that does so, will collapse!
In like manner, the rights of the Islamic peoples who are amongst us is being promoted insomuch that children are presented tenants of the Islamic faith in public schools. In the same space of time, the Christians are told to keep their Bibles and religion to themselves. Separation of state, don’t you know?!!! The left built a wall called “separation of church and state” to supposedly protect the innocents from harmful religion only to breach the same wall in order to promote the most harmful of all religions in the modern world. Does this make sense or have I lost my own mind?
Speaking of borders: what of our own national border? Modern Americans and Europeans can be heard crying for the taking down of all immigrational roadblocks such as physical borders, enforcement of laws, and other such trivia – in their minds. Why, worrying about potential terrorists, criminals and undesirables that may be slipping into our towns and neighborhoods is xenophobic and not intelligent!Everyone know that! In the same breath, they raise up the standard of Christian charity and love in our face and call us out for the supposed violation of the samethis out of the same mouths that they condemn Christianity in any other context. Rich, … isn’t it?! Does this all sound like madness or am I alone in this world? The borders of nations are pulled down while fences are being built around churches and values that have been established for thousands of years.
Barriers are also being destroyed that have protected our children for the entire history of this nation. Biological (according to science, I might add!) boys were to use the boy’s room, and biological girls were to use the girls room. Simple, right? Not so fast! The fact is that we cannot determine sexual identitany longer. We might as well all defecate in a big hole in the middle of the room! Privacy is being sacrificed on the altar of excess and privilege for the few at the expense of the many. Sad, indeed.
Boundaries on drugs, social norms, religious faith, constitutional rights, and even our thoughts and opinions are being violated. Walls and borders are important. It is vital that we understand how motive is key to the question of validity when it comes to barriers. Liberty is at the core of this matter. Is a wall or boundary built to provide the greatest measure of safety and security for those who may find sanctuary behind it?
Women march for the right to free work and freedom to abort their children. Freedom is of the utmost value – even to the point of murder. The same march in support of Islam that subjugates women and makes them slaves and mere property to be used and abused. Shockingly obscene and nonsensical!!!
I have heard Progressives curse a southern border wall and compare it to the Berlin wall! Now this is ludicrous. Why? Motive of course. Is the motive of a wall to protect society or enslave it? Is the end of the wall, freedom for a small minority at the expense of the vast majority or visa-versa? These are important and very rational questions that need to be asked. For example, the Berlin wall was not meant to keep bad people out. It was built to keep good people in. It was a prison wall of sorts.Although it wasn’t criminals being walled off, it was citizens in East Berlin that were being kept from a free society. Germans who were under the thumb of communism were prevented from experiencing freedom in the west. America, on the other hand, would build a wall, not to keep free people in but rather to keep the few that may want to cross our border to do us harm on the outside. In other words, our motive is to remain free and safe behind our wall unlike the motives of the communist authoritarians in East Berlin!
We have to have common sense and a moral compass in order to know when to build a wall and when to tear them down. It seems that modern Americans are lacking in these areas! We must be careful. Otherwise we will tear down the wrong walls and equally build misguided walls.The result? We will find ourselves living as the prisoners of our own devices!


Guest Post by
S. Riggs

The Left and Their Russia Connection

In my opinion, this has been one of the busiest news days in a very long time. The Russian story has been circulating for awhile now. But, have we been approaching this from the wrong thought process? I think so; here’s why, those of us who are conservative have been defensive in regards to the Russia/Trump connection(there is none), in doing so we are constantly defending something that doesn’t need defended. Looking at the facts before us shows the left in this country has a long history of supporting socialism and communism. They are the democrat (and some repubs)members of congress and senate that are closely tied to the Russian government and officials. They are secretly dealing with the Russians behind closed doors and then publicly denouncing them. Classic Cloward-Piven strategy.

Whether we are talking about Schumer, Pelosi, Obama and the Clinton’s and too many others to include here, it seems as though they are lobbying privately for either power and or money from their special connections to Russian officials. The left is full of hypocrisy, they don’t care about the fact that they are being exposed on video or in still shots eating donuts with Vlad. They don’t care about hot mic moments when Obama is caught telling Medvedev that he will have more flexiblity to work with Vlad after he is re-elected. Flexibility to do what?? How about Hillary’s Uranium deal to give Russia 20% of our uranium? I think their is a Russian connection to Obama’s payoff to the Iranian’s. Russia and Iran have close ties don’t they? Answer is yes! I could go on & on. Now with Obama living 1 mile from the White House running a shadow govt.(verified)and moving Valerie Jarrett (Iranian)into his barricaded compound to work intelligence for him. We are looking at an attempt to overthrow a sitting president are we not? I think so!

Let’s keep investigating. Let’s keep pushing for the truth. The left is guilty of something big here with their connection to Russia and it will be the story of our generation once unfolded. We cannot let up. The left will sell us out and do us great harm for their gutless selfish reasons. Citizens that love this great country need to stand up to this coup that is underway because this isn’t just a coup on a sitting president, this is a coup on the Constitution loving God fearing Americans.

Stand up fellow Americans and stop the takeover of our great nation!

Together, let us all… Shine the Light on the Truth.



Islam;Religion or Radical Ideology?

My christian faith is about just that, faith in a higher power. Faith in Jesus Christ. My faith helps me in making decisions in my home, in my work life, helps with raising my 5 children & helps with my relationship with my wife. My faith in Jesus gives me strength in encouragement in giving back to my community through various ways. It gives me a great perspective on life in of itself. I’m thankful everyday for the  Constitutional protections of my faith.

I’ve had many conversations about different religions in our country, and the protections they have. My question here is about Islamic faith & the confusion we seem to have as a country about Islam. It is always said that they profess peace & serenity for all. If you look into it just a bit deeper though, Sharia law is something they hold on to very deeply & it runs counter to Constitutional law, yet Muslims seem to think as long as they are in our country then they should get to practice Sharia. This is a scary practice, and should be very concerning for women & the LGBT community, yet the women of the left & LGBT are embracing it fully. Do they not see what the end result would be under Sharia. Just look at at Muslim nations. Not good!

From my perspective, Islam is an ideology not a religious faith; it is an ideology bent on the destruction of civilized western nations that are founded on Judeo/Christian values, and as long as they pursue the destruction of my faith in my country and the destruction of my Constitution to implement radicalized Sharia law, then I believe Islam is just an ideology and not a religion. Constitutional protected religion should be a religion that gives back, one that professes love & peace through helping and community…..not death and destruction and hate!

I understand this is not “PC” …..but, being”PC” is part of their movement coupled with radical progressives, so we must reject this cancer of anti-Americanism.

Please share your thoughts and ideas to this conversation, I would love the debate.


When will John McCain be stopped?

John McCain is about as despicable as they come and apparently will stoop to the lowest of lows without shame. Going overseas and secretly & openly speaking negatively about a sitting president is beyond the pale.

According to; The White House officials who spoke to TP on condition of anonymity claim McCain is “secretly sharing this sensitive information with colleagues and his cabal of friendly mainstream media journalists in a dangerous clandestine campaign to damage Trump’s presidency.

“He has been given transcripts or actually listened to the calls and is sharing what he has heard,” an administration insider told TP. “There is no doubt. He is one of the major leaks.

What does this mean for him if this is true? Will he be removed from office(doubt it)! Between McCain & Graham they have done everything they can to undermine this president. It needs to end!

If what Truepundit is reporting is actually true, then McCain needs to be removed from his committee positions in the senate immediately.

We will be following this story very closely.


Republic on the ropes; time to stand up!

It seems as though the old guard wants to run President Trump out of Washington. Members of the intelligence community are foaming at the mouth to make sure the undisclosed details of Obama’s Iranian deal aren’t disclosed to the public. If so, it would show how Iran took the precious Obama team to the cleaners. (or was the selling out deliberate?)

In regards to President Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, it does seem a bit odd that certain members of Obama’s intel team were going after Flynn early on knowing he would end up in the cabinet if Trump were elected.  So, once appointed, BAM!  Moles within the old guard were ready to take him down. Then the same old tired players like Lindsey Graham and John McCain are hitting the Sunday circus of talk shows hoping to gain favor with the progressive elite who so desperately want their attention that they will make false claims about men of service like Flynn.  It is utterly despicable!

Obama was caught on a hot mic a few years back telling outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that Vladimir Putin should give him more “space” because Obama would have more “flexibility” to work with Russia after his re-election in 2012. Zero outcry from McCain and Graham, and crickets out of the media!

My gut has been telling me that since early on in this election that we were on the verge of war with Russia.  Nothing at all to substantiate that claim other than just a feeling. A very strong sense that the elites of the global order and our very own neo-liberals and neo-cons were gunning for war with Russia, and then enter Mr Trump and his team to disrupt what seems to have been years of war prep in the making. So they accuse him and his team of conspiring with the Russians from everything to stealing elections to golden showers to kickbacks etc. The globalists ultimate goal is to go to war with Russia! WHY?! Let’s hope we never have to find out.

For us conservatives who are trying to save our Republic, we need to stand with President Trump, he needs those that put him there to support him. He cannot do it alone. We should organize and rally to his aide! This past election has shown us that we must do more than just vote, we must activate and show unison for the sake of the Republic or it WILL FALL! The left in this country has literally gone off the rails and they are desperate to control the narrative. We cannot let that happen. We must stand up for the The Constitution……it is all we have left.

It is not too late….yet.



A new Era begins

Wow! What a beginning to the new year. What we are witnessing I believe is somewhat similar to the famous ‘New Deal’ of FDR. President Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States and now that Russia is out of the headlines(as rigging the election in favor of Trump)…..we are witnessing Trumps ‘New Deal’….a new deal that instead of big government programs, it is an unleashing of the great economic engine CAPITALISM!

The leftists in this country are having panic attacks because they know once the success of Trumps policies take place, their reign of radical progressive ideas will be exposed for the fraud that they are. A few examples; Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition (; Planned Parenthood (; Keynesian economic groups which are designed to tax us into prosperity. True free market capitalism will clean the clock of these reprehensible leftists. Once Americans together feel like they are part of something again, they will discover their own voice and then realize that groups mentioned above are there to profit off of them when they are down and then keep them there as long as they can. I believe in 2017-18 Americans will experience prosperity and the jig will be up for these disgusting groups who hold contempt for free thinking individuals.

For people like myself,  the so called women’s march on the day following the inauguration was about as radical as I have ever witnessed;

Finally, as inspired as I am by President Trump and my fellow countrymen & women who have supported him from the beginning, watching the sideshow known as the women’s march just highlighted where we have been going for 8 long years and where we would have been headed for another 4. Let’s not waste these next 4 yrs being complacent.  Let us get up, get involved, get active, join local state & federal organization’s.  We have a long road ahead of us and a lot of work to do. It is achievable. Remember, this is our republic once again!

Below is a list of a few groups that I participate in;


A time such as this

I am someone who believes in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

I have entered my thoughts and ideas along with lots of hours in political and Christian activism for many  years.  With that being said, these past eight years, along with the 2016 election, the voices of “the forgotten man” need to be heard.  With the recent revelations of the “mainstream media” that they are on a witch hunt to end what they call fake news. The last I checked, the free press is freedom of speech; therefore the only fact check of real or fake news is that of the reader.  It is up to the  individual to determine on their own what they want to believe or what they choose to research on their own before they come to a conclusion.  Too many times we turn on the television, log onto the internet, or just pick up a paper and take it all for the truth.  We have to start using discernment.

I’ve decided to start this blog called “The Liberty Lantern” to shine a light on the truth.  My goal is to provide truth to the mess that is right in front of us all.  I will provide hours of research, links to credible sources, and insightful commentary in hopes that together we can provide some sanity to a world gone mad.

Best Regards,