A time such as this

I am someone who believes in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

I have entered my thoughts and ideas along with lots of hours in political and Christian activism for many  years.  With that being said, these past eight years, along with the 2016 election, the voices of “the forgotten man” need to be heard.  With the recent revelations of the “mainstream media” that they are on a witch hunt to end what they call fake news. The last I checked, the free press is freedom of speech; therefore the only fact check of real or fake news is that of the reader.  It is up to the  individual to determine on their own what they want to believe or what they choose to research on their own before they come to a conclusion.  Too many times we turn on the television, log onto the internet, or just pick up a paper and take it all for the truth.  We have to start using discernment.

I’ve decided to start this blog called “The Liberty Lantern” to shine a light on the truth.  My goal is to provide truth to the mess that is right in front of us all.  I will provide hours of research, links to credible sources, and insightful commentary in hopes that together we can provide some sanity to a world gone mad.

Best Regards,


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