When will John McCain be stopped?

John McCain is about as despicable as they come and apparently will stoop to the lowest of lows without shame. Going overseas and secretly & openly speaking negatively about a sitting president is beyond the pale.

According to Truepundit.com; The White House officials who spoke to TP on condition of anonymity claim McCain is “secretly sharing this sensitive information with colleagues and his cabal of friendly mainstream media journalists in a dangerous clandestine campaign to damage Trump’s presidency.

“He has been given transcripts or actually listened to the calls and is sharing what he has heard,” an administration insider told TP. “There is no doubt. He is one of the major leaks.

What does this mean for him if this is true? Will he be removed from office(doubt it)! Between McCain & Graham they have done everything they can to undermine this president. It needs to end!

If what Truepundit is reporting is actually true, then McCain needs to be removed from his committee positions in the senate immediately.

We will be following this story very closely.


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