Islam;Religion or Radical Ideology?

My christian faith is about just that, faith in a higher power. Faith in Jesus Christ. My faith helps me in making decisions in my home, in my work life, helps with raising my 5 children & helps with my relationship with my wife. My faith in Jesus gives me strength in encouragement in giving back to my community through various ways. It gives me a great perspective on life in of itself. I’m thankful everyday for the  Constitutional protections of my faith.

I’ve had many conversations about different religions in our country, and the protections they have. My question here is about Islamic faith & the confusion we seem to have as a country about Islam. It is always said that they profess peace & serenity for all. If you look into it just a bit deeper though, Sharia law is something they hold on to very deeply & it runs counter to Constitutional law, yet Muslims seem to think as long as they are in our country then they should get to practice Sharia. This is a scary practice, and should be very concerning for women & the LGBT community, yet the women of the left & LGBT are embracing it fully. Do they not see what the end result would be under Sharia. Just look at at Muslim nations. Not good!

From my perspective, Islam is an ideology not a religious faith; it is an ideology bent on the destruction of civilized western nations that are founded on Judeo/Christian values, and as long as they pursue the destruction of my faith in my country and the destruction of my Constitution to implement radicalized Sharia law, then I believe Islam is just an ideology and not a religion. Constitutional protected religion should be a religion that gives back, one that professes love & peace through helping and community…..not death and destruction and hate!

I understand this is not “PC” …..but, being”PC” is part of their movement coupled with radical progressives, so we must reject this cancer of anti-Americanism.

Please share your thoughts and ideas to this conversation, I would love the debate.


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