The Left and Their Russia Connection

In my opinion, this has been one of the busiest news days in a very long time. The Russian story has been circulating for awhile now. But, have we been approaching this from the wrong thought process? I think so; here’s why, those of us who are conservative have been defensive in regards to the Russia/Trump connection(there is none), in doing so we are constantly defending something that doesn’t need defended. Looking at the facts before us shows the left in this country has a long history of supporting socialism and communism. They are the democrat (and some repubs)members of congress and senate that are closely tied to the Russian government and officials. They are secretly dealing with the Russians behind closed doors and then publicly denouncing them. Classic Cloward-Piven strategy.

Whether we are talking about Schumer, Pelosi, Obama and the Clinton’s and too many others to include here, it seems as though they are lobbying privately for either power and or money from their special connections to Russian officials. The left is full of hypocrisy, they don’t care about the fact that they are being exposed on video or in still shots eating donuts with Vlad. They don’t care about hot mic moments when Obama is caught telling Medvedev that he will have more flexiblity to work with Vlad after he is re-elected. Flexibility to do what?? How about Hillary’s Uranium deal to give Russia 20% of our uranium? I think their is a Russian connection to Obama’s payoff to the Iranian’s. Russia and Iran have close ties don’t they? Answer is yes! I could go on & on. Now with Obama living 1 mile from the White House running a shadow govt.(verified)and moving Valerie Jarrett (Iranian)into his barricaded compound to work intelligence for him. We are looking at an attempt to overthrow a sitting president are we not? I think so!

Let’s keep investigating. Let’s keep pushing for the truth. The left is guilty of something big here with their connection to Russia and it will be the story of our generation once unfolded. We cannot let up. The left will sell us out and do us great harm for their gutless selfish reasons. Citizens that love this great country need to stand up to this coup that is underway because this isn’t just a coup on a sitting president, this is a coup on the Constitution loving God fearing Americans.

Stand up fellow Americans and stop the takeover of our great nation!

Together, let us all… Shine the Light on the Truth.



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